Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)

Course Name: Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)

Duration: 3 Years (6 Semesters)

Course Type: UG (Under Graduate)

BCA is a three-year undergraduate course in computer application. This degree gives good knowledge in areas related to computer science, the IT industry and networking. It is considered an alternative to an engineering degree and students from science and non-math backgrounds can pursue a BCA degree. During the programme, a student studies topics like programming languages, database management, fundamentals of computing, operating, web designing and networking. After completing the BCA degree, a student can get hired in various public and private sector firms. The syllabus of BCA revolves around computers and their applications. Students get to acquire detailed knowledge about computer science and the IT industry. A degree in BCA opens employment in various sectors such as finance, trading, IT, healthcare, transportation, education and software. As BCA is a technical and professional degree, many companies hire BCA interns and pay them a good salary. Such internships can help you build job skills and prepare you for a full-time job.


Admission Open for Session 2022-23
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