Red Ribbon Cell

What is Red Ribbon?

A volunteer on-campus intervention program for students in educational institutions is called Red Ribbon Club. Since 1991, it has served as a global emblem of HIV/AIDS awareness. The Government of India launched this campaign to raise awareness about AIDS among students at educational institutions. Red Ribbon Club inspires young people and instills in them a sense of solidarity and support for those living with HIV/AIDS. The importance of volunteering, leading a healthy lifestyle, donating blood voluntarily and safely, providing accurate information about HIV/AIDS, drug misuse, and mental and sexual health are all emphasized.

Because of its association with blood, the color red was selected to symbolize the suffering endured by many AIDS-affected individuals. World AIDS Day is marked on December 1st to highlight support and unity for individuals living with HIV.



(1)    To raise students' understanding of HIV/AID/sexuality and other associated topics by providing them with accurate, succinct, and sufficient information.
(2 )    To raise youth's sense of risk via education on AIDS, sexuality, and sex in order to lower the number of new HIV infections.
(3)    To lower the number of new HIV infections among young people by increasing their sense of risk via education about HIV AIDS, sex, and sexuality.
(4)    To instill in young people a sense of responsibility and support for those suffering with HIV/AIDS.
(5)    To educate pupils about issues related to gender and general health.
(6)     To encourage students to donate blood voluntarily and to plan and oversee blood donation events.
 (7)     Form a group of young people to serve as peer educators who will look for and promote      healthy behaviors while also making sure the club survives. ]


We have a formal WhatsApp group where we are linked to Mam DTO Dr. Suman and the Red Ribbon Club officials from various colleges. We get emails at and formal notices regarding the activities' plan of action in this group.
The convener of the Red Ribbon Club will then review the action plan once the principal has further marked it with their name. The student activities broken down by date are charted by the convener. Additionally, using WhatsApp, all pupils were told about this activity chart. Students and Red Ribbon Club members works together to carry out this plan of action.

Committee Members:

 Dr. Shruti Rani (Convener)

 Dr. Pardeep Bhardwaj

Dr. Savita Jain

Dr. Sarita Goyal

Dr. Harikesh

 Dr. Kamna Kaushik

Student’s Representative:

  1.   Chhavi (B.Sc III)
  2.   Shabnam (B.Sc.III)
  3.   Sanskriti  (B.Sc I)
  4.   Devanshu (B.Sc III )