General Secretary Message

Pawan Buwaniwala,

General Secretary,

Governing Body,

Vaish College,



NOT QUANTITY BUT QUALITY MUST BE OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLE IN TODAY’S WORLD – In our Competitive age Quality is fast becoming the required Hallmark for success in life. It is highly imperative that our youth are properly trained and motivated to achieve great heights and achievements. Educational institutions are the best platforms to inspire and prepare young minds in the best possible way.

             It is a great pleasure to share with all that Vaish College, Bhiwani has made great contribution to society with its tradition of wonderful alumni  in various fields – Officers, Industrialists, Doctors, Engineers, Educationists, Lawyers, Sportsmen, Army Personals, Political and Social leaders. We, now more than ever, wish quality to be the defining trait of our institution.

            My dream for Vaish College is to make it the best college not only of  our district , state but at the national level. It should become a BRANDNAME with LABEL OF EXCELLENCE. It should do proud to all anybody associated with the college; whether Students, Faculty, Governing Body; should be recognized and respected all over.

            The students of the college should not be only excellent scholars, sportsmen, artists but also ideal citizen of the society. They should come forward to secure the society and create a better India.

            My hope and prayer is that Vaish College, Bhiwani will be able to fulfill the admirable objective of creating ideal students and ideal citizens.