Youth Red Cross

"Voluntary humanitarian organization, The Red Cross came in light in 1859, when jean Henry Dunant, a Young Swiss businessman, was shocked to see the condition of the wounded soldiers in the battle field of Solferino, Italy in 1859 during the Franco - Austrian war. Immediately, as a true human soul he arranged relief services with the help of the local community. His book 'Memory of Solferino' is the soul motivator   book behind this grand humanitarian movement.

            International Red Cross Movement was established by Geneva Convention of 1864. The name and the symbol of the movement are derived from the Swiss national flag, to honor the country in which Red Cross was found. During the first world war in 1914, India had no such relief organization.  It was Sir Claude Hill, Chairman of the Joint war Committee in India who acted as the force behind the foundation of the Indian Red Cross Society in 1920s. Presently Indian Red Cross Society has become a big tree that is growing day by day and serving our great nation by saving the life of people. Despite not being an Indian institution, it is engaged in the service of Mother India and it has saved the lives of many Indians and even today it is working to save the lives of people.

            Therefore, our college bows its head to such a humanitarian society which gives life and remains steadfast in the service of humanity at all times.